Live from the Back Room

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Jerry Jumonville has been one of the most frequently featured performers in our Back Room. He plays with The Royal Rounders, as a duo with Al Farrell, and leads his own band, The Jump City Band.

Jerry has some medical issues that will keep him from playing for a while as he recovers from surgery. We're hosting on ongoing fundraiser to help him cover living expenses until he is ready to perform again.

Jerry is even featured on the cover of our CD, Live from the Back Room, which you can buy below and we will donate $5 from your purchase to Jerry's recovery efforts.

We are suggesting a donation of $10 but you can enter in whatever you would like in the field below.

Live from the Back Room

Live from The Back Room!

VOL. 1: And So It Begins.
A sampler of contemporary working musicians and writers steeped in the traditions of New Orleans, the Crescent City, recorded live in the Back Room at Buffa's.

Limited Time!
$5 from every CD sold will go to help cover Jerry Jumonville's living expenses while he is on the mend!


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